Changing the World…

…Requires More Than Good Intentions

To make a difference in politics, you have to win a seat at the table. And to win you need lots of voters! I’m here to help you reach the voters that are most likely to support your campaign and turn out to vote.

The Message Comes First

Following the lead of Martin Luther King, Jr and Simon Sinek (video), I approach electoral politics by starting with why. Your entire campaign needs to be guided by a central theme or message. This theme should emerge from a conversation with your key advisors about 1) why you’re running, 2) how to connect with what the voters care about, and 3) what competitive advantages you have over the other candidate(s).

Then the Execution

Now that you’ve established your central message, who are the voters most likely to be persuaded by this message? How do we reach them? How do we turn them out to vote? What is the combination of skill sets (the team) you’ll need to execute on this strategy?

Who I Work For

I’ve worked on campaigns for city council, mayor, state rep, state senator, US rep, state attorney general, and governor. I typically work for Democrats, and I care most of all about the integrity of the candidate and his/her team.

adrian in a suit

Let’s talk about your campaign:


As the volunteer coordinator for Nicole LaChapelle for mayor of Easthampton, MA, I helped a first time political candidate beat a 20-year city councilor and achieve the second highest turnout in the city’s history.

I spent the 2018 midterm cycle at Applecart, the firm that got Conor Lamb elected in a special election in a district that voted for Trump by 20 points. I led a team that provided polling and analytics for campaigns all over the country, including a huge gubernatorial effort in California and a poll in Iowa and New Hampshire assessing the viability of a Republican challenger to Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

In 2020 I was the Campaign Manager for Billy Peard for State Representative in southern Arizona.

In 2020 I also produced video and ran digital advertising for Patricia Duffy’s successful run for State Representative in Holyoke, MA.


General Consultant – I’ll get you set up with everything and everyone you need.

Campaign Manager – I’ll lead your campaign, recruit and manage the team, guide the strategy, and keep everyone (including the candidate!) organized and on task.

Strategy – What is your path to victory? Which past elections are most instructive for this one? How many votes do you need – from which constituencies and demographics? How should you spend the resources you have?

Messaging & Communications – I’ll manage and develop content for your website, emails, speeches, press releases, and social media.

Fundraising – We start by finding two kinds of donors: those that the candidate will call and those that we’ll target with digital appeals. Then we reach those donors with the right message.

Polling & Analytics – I write strategic surveys that assess candidate name recognition, supporter demographics, opponents’ weaknesses, issue salience, and message effectiveness.

Data & Technology – I will make sure your campaign is the most data-driven, well-organized, and sophisticated one in the race.

Predictive Modeling – I’ll use data analytics and machine learning to identify who is likely to vote and who are your likely supporters.