Trail running. Track intervals. Hill repeats. CrossFit. Cycling. Rowing. Obstacle course races. GOALS. PROGRESS.

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Movement = Happiness

Humans were meant to move. For our entire history, we had to move to survive. Over the last few generations, our bodies have gotten more and more confused as they find themselves sitting for 8, 10, 12…who knows how many hours a day. We are healthier–both physically and mentally–when we move every day. These movements can include taking a walk during the work day, biking instead of driving, paddling a canoe, or doing intense exercise.

Basketball was my first true love. I started watching the NBA when Kobe and Shaq were winning titles together. Even more than an NBA fan, I was a Shaq fan. Then, when the Detroit Pistons beat the Lakers in the 2004 Finals with no superstars, I started to appreciate basketball as a team game.

In tenth grade, when I joined cross country on a whim to get in shape for basketball season, I discovered a love for running. Over the next three years, I competed in two cross country state championships, two track & field state championships, and won one state title. I kept playing basketball, but found I had more talent in running and ended up focusing on running in college. My best year of college sports was junior year, when I was the fourth fastest cross country runner in the conference, played my only year of college basketball, and then made my school’s all-time top ten list in the 800m.

Overcoming Challenges = Fulfillment

After college, I lost sight of my love of running and competition for several years, partly because of nagging injuries, but mostly because I had no goals to work toward. In 2019, I woke up. The Holyoke St Patrick’s Day 10K, a Rugged Maniac, and a Savage Race whetted my appetite for competition, and I decided to focus 2020 on training for obstacle course races (OCR). Toward the end of 2019, I found Movement Terrain, a gym dedicated to training for OCR. I soon started helping the owner, Brian Miller, grow his business. In February 2020, I first tried CrossFit and started working it into my OCR training.

In March 2020, I became an Assistant Track Coach at Holyoke High School, which I love because it ties together my years of running competitively with many seasons spent working with kids at summer camps and outdoor education programs. And that brings us to today. 🙂

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