The Arc:

  • Chapter 1: Bachelor of Science
  • Chapter 2: Accidental Entrepreneur
  • Chapter 3: Nonprofit Marketing Director
  • Chapter 4: Master of Science
  • Chapter 5: Manager @ Political Data Startup
  • Chapter 6: Corporate Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Chapter 7: Guy Who Helps Grow Your Business!

1. Bachelor of Science

I went to Tufts University in Boston and double-majored in Political Science and Environmental Studies.


  • Singing a cappella with the Tufts Beelzebubs
  • Running track & field
  • Tutoring local elementary school kids
  • Semester abroad in northern India

2. Accidental Entrepreneur

As I graduated from Tufts, I won a $30,000 social entrepreneurship fellowship to pursue a bold idea: help thousands of young professionals start careers in the sustainability sector. I recruited my friends Justin Sinichko and Robert Mather and we decided to use the funds to start a business: Rising Green.


  • Built a radically user-tested online database of green jobs and internships
  • Used customer feedback from recruiters to develop unique luncheons that sat down students with recruiters on college campuses and made money from both parties
  • Worked with advisors like Zipcar co-founder Antje Danielson and Antonio Tambunan
  • Assembled a nationwide corps of campus ambassadors and interns

After two years, we faced a classic startup dilemma: pivot or die. Our events were making money and our online network was not. Since we didn’t see a scalable business in event organizing, we decided to shut down Rising Green and move on to other projects.

3. Nonprofit Marketing Director

The Conway School offers an amazing 10-month Master of Science in Ecological Design. Conway champions an applied teaching model that places students on real design and planning projects in communities in New England and beyond. I was the Director of Admissions and Marketing for three years. Upon my departure, the Executive Director said I had “brought Conway into the digital age.”


  • Achieved record enrollment
  • Built marketing automation workflows with HubSpot
  • Increased social media engagement 18-fold
  • Launched a new website and redesigned catalog
  • Organized the first ever entrepreneurship workshop for alums

4. Master of Science

In 2017, I got a master’s degree in applied data science from NYU in a program focused on using data to study and improve cities.


  • Learned how to code–mostly in Python
  • A final capstone project on performance management for city government
  • Studied with people from all over the world in a cohort that was 75% international
  • Interned at Urban-X, a BMW-funded startup accelerator for urban tech companies

5. Manager @ Political Data Startup

After grad school, I took a job at Applecart, a NYC-based Series A startup that built data science and analytics tools for politically moderate campaigns for elected office. Remember Cambridge Analytica? That was our competition, except we were more legal and less Trumpy. We were in the midst of work on primary campaigns in the 2018 midterm cycle when that scandal broke.


  • Managed a great team of analysts that delivered polling and data-driven consulting services to big political campaigns around the country
  • Designed a training program for new analysts
  • Built out a B2B business development process and custom HubSpot CRM instance
  • Led a special project improving quality assurance processes

6. Corporate Marketing Automation Specialist

Next up: after organizations of 5-45 employees, it’s time for a Fortune 100 company!

Part data engineer and part product manager, I led data projects for MassMutual’s internal marketing agency. My team ran marketing operations and performance reporting, and I built and managed the back end systems. I also helped drive cross-team projects with MassMutual’s data engineering and data science teams.


  • Wrote a 1,600-line SQL script to set up sales attribution for email campaigns
  • Simultaneously adopted a new unified customer database and launched a HUGE new instance of Salesforce Marketing Cloud; earned a spot bonus for this work 💰

7. Guy Who Helps Grow Your Business!

That brings us to today. Tying together experiences in broad strategy and operational detail, I help small businesses (and some political campaigns) grow using data.

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