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You have a mission – I can help you achieve it

Every one of my projects starts with establishing your mission and goals – your why. Then we conduct a data-driven assessment of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, and needs. Only when we know where the challenges are can we decide which solutions to focus on. With this understanding in place, we build the strategy, or how to achieve your mission. Do you need to reach more people? Convert more of your audience into customers? Delight your customers more? Having established a strategic plan, then we turn to implementation. What we ultimately work on may fall into any of these connected categories:

  • brand
  • marketing
  • sales
  • product
  • customer experience
  • team

We must start with an evidence-based strategic conversation first, because it’s easy to focus on the wrong part of your business. If you want to sell more of your products/services, you might need to invest in something like social media or email marketing, but if your brand is unclear or your sales process is bad, you’ll waste money and effort on marketing. On the other hand, if your marketing and sales are both good, but the customer experience and/or product are not, you’re losing out on repeat business and referrals.

In many cases, you may not know which part of your business needs attention. This is when we focus on performance analytics. I’ll set up systems to measure the effectiveness of marketing, sales, and customer service—and determine which areas need the most improvement.

Maybe your brand, marketing, sales, product, and customer experience are all in great shape, but you can’t keep up with demand – a great problem to have! If this is the case, I can help you save time by automating marketing, sales, and customer nurturing.

You may know exactly what your business needs, but you just haven’t been able to deliver on it. In this case, we can work on developing your team: hiring the right talent, developing your employees, giving the right job to the right person, and communicating/collaborating well.


Read my CV to see the impact I’ve had at tech startups, a small nonprofit, and a Fortune 100 company.

As a social media and marketing consultant to my company, Adrian did an excellent job creating our online marketing strategy. In addition to his marketing work, he has been a great sounding board for many other aspects of our project. Adrian is smart, creative, efficient, and hard working. I strongly recommend him in the areas of social media and online marketing.

~ Joe Burros, startup founder and former client

Potential Solutions

Performance Analytics

Performance Reporting – what do we know?

Data Analytics – what do we need to learn?

  • Sales Attribution – which marketing efforts drive the most sales?
  • Customer Behavior – how satisfied and engaged are they?

Where can we improve operational efficiency?




Competitive Positioning

Your brand is what your customers say about you…

  • Do you know what they say?
  • Is it what you want them to say?


Digital Advertising

Social Media


Marketing Automation


CRM & Data Management

Sales Process

Product Innovation

Fitting the product to the customer need

Experimenting with new approaches

Invest in what works best

Delighting Customers

Customer Service




Staff Development


Performance Reviews

Project Management

Communication & Collaboration

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