Let’s Not Paint All Muslims With the Same Brush

This post was inspired by a particular exchange with a friend online, but is intended for every one of my friends who is tempted to respond to the violence in Paris by blocking all Syrian refugees from coming to the US, screening immigrants by religion, or painting all Muslims with the same brush. Dear Friend, We recently had aContinue reading “Let’s Not Paint All Muslims With the Same Brush”

The Constant Internal Battle…Love or Success?

This is me right now. A daily internal conflict. Inside there are forces “constantly at war with one another…external success and internal value”. I know that the most important things are friendship, family, forgiveness, warmth, solidarity, selflessness, love. I recall a time when these qualities primarily occupied my mind and how, as a result, theyContinue reading “The Constant Internal Battle…Love or Success?”

Why Every Environmentalist Should Study Abroad

This article originally appeared at http://www.blog.greenlinktufts.com. As you look over GreenLink, this new website with a unique mix of offerings, you may wonder why we have built a site with a major section that focuses on study abroad programs related to the environment. Why study the environment abroad? It’s a good question. Most students whoContinue reading “Why Every Environmentalist Should Study Abroad”

My Message for #Occupy

I have a message for those participating in the Occupy movement and those that have invested some hope in it: you cannot do this alone. Whatever it is you want to achieve – and in truth your movement includes many people with many motives and many ideas – you cannot achieve it alone. The difficult,Continue reading “My Message for #Occupy”