An open Cover Letter for Google

I sent in an application to Google Sustainability tonight! And believe it or not, 2.5 years after finishing college, it’s my first real job application! I can’t wait to hear back from them. This was a fun letter to write, whatever they decide:

Dear Googler,

Let me present my first ever formal job application. At age 25, I have hired and fired, managed employees, secured investments, spoken at conferences, made mistakes, enjoyed successes, changed lives, befriended a Mayor, and helped run a summer camp, but I haven’t applied for a job.

Why Every Environmentalist Should Study Abroad

As you look over GreenLink, this new website with a unique mix of offerings, you may wonder why we have built a site with a major section that focuses on study abroad programs related to the environment. Why study the environment abroad? It’s a good question. Most students who study abroad find that it enrichesContinue reading “Why Every Environmentalist Should Study Abroad”

Improving Open Space: Greenways and Better Parks

A policy paper by Adrian Dahlin. By improving parks and implementing greenways around urban streams, we can create a network of natural space that will support greater biodiversity, protect urban habitat, preserve water resources, and provide vital ecosystem services. Urban streams are perhaps the natural habitat most vulnerable in the face of development. Increased runoffContinue reading “Improving Open Space: Greenways and Better Parks”

Biogas: Bringing Small-Scale Renewable Energy to Rural Palestine

As our 12 American friends boarded a flight from Amman back to Boston, Ezra and I turned toward the West Bank, ready to implement the planned final stage of our journey. We had spent the last 11 weeks on a whirlwind travel study tour that brought us through Israel, Palestine, and Jordan studying peace andContinue reading “Biogas: Bringing Small-Scale Renewable Energy to Rural Palestine”

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