Adrian is a mission-driven leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, an affinity for politics, a passion for sustainability, and a global perspective. He currently works as Director of Admissions & Marketing at the Conway School. He recruits students, grows Conway’s brand recognition, travels and speaks to promote the school, and supports the President in other areas. Before coming to Conway, he worked as a marketing consultant and started a recruiting business called Rising Green. Adrian is also active in local politics, including serving on the Conservation Commission of Holyoke, MA.

This website has three purposes:

  1. a platform for Adrian’s occasional blogging on life, philosophy, and politics
  2. a place to share reports on the books he reads – mostly educational stuff about social science, business, and history; he doesn’s usually write summaries of fiction reading
  3. an archive of some of his best writing from travels in India, Europe, Israel, The Palestinian Territories, and Jordan

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing!

@RedTuftedGiant    | @TheConwaySchool    |    LinkedIn    |    Google+

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