On Missing My Father 10/2/2016

This is beautiful for the emotions it evokes. Billy, an intellectual man, takes time to just be honestly emotional in writing. Leaves the reader not thinking too much and feeling a lot. Very well done.

Billy Glidden

I’m in the bathroom when the grief descends. I am caught defenseless. One minute, I’m thinking about a blog post, feeling annoyed by a phone call; the next, an old memory comes to me, one I haven’t replayed in months, if not years, and I find myself lying on my bathroom and sobbing.

It has been six years since my dad died. It’s a fact as much a part of my reality as the rain or sun. It simply is. Thus it is something I can go many days without fully noticing. When there is occasion for me to talk about him, or his absence, I draw from my repository of well-worn dad anecdotes, and can usually get through them with the ease one feels recounting the outcome of a sports game or describing the weather.

Not so on this night. It could be fatigue; I really haven’t been sleeping…

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Author: adriandahlin

Graduate Student at NYU's Center for Urban Science and Progress

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