An open Cover Letter for Google

I sent in an application to Google Sustainability tonight! And believe it or not, 2.5 years after finishing college, it’s my first real job application! I can’t wait to hear back from them. This was a fun letter to write, whatever they decide:

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Dear Googler,

Let me present my first ever formal job application. At age 25, I have hired and fired, managed employees, secured investments, spoken at conferences, made mistakes, enjoyed successes, changed lives, worked in local government, and helped run a summer camp, but I haven’t applied for a job. When I graduated from college, a $30k fellowship initially delayed the need for a job search. When this fellowship led to the founding of an LLC and two years of startup craziness, that pivotal career moment was postponed further.

Now I come to this point: my career has passed from nascent to fledgling, I’m looking for an awesome job, and I must communicate on paper how an upbringing, an education, world travels, and three years of entrepreneurship have given me a wealth of experience worthy of my generation’s sexiest employer: the one and only Google.

My case for myself? I am a perpetual student with an advanced degree from the school of TED and Audible. I am a thoughtful explorer who asks great questions, constantly seeks understanding, and loves problem-solving.

I hope I’ve inspired in you enough questions to warrant a trip to Mountain View. I’d love to tell you more about Tufts, the Beelzebubs, biodigesters in the West Bank, Rising Green LLC, Holyoke, Camp Owatonna, and a few adventure stories from India and the Middle East. Or we could talk about energy efficiency, food security, clean tech, aquaponics, carbon accounting, resource conservation, gardening, waste management, corporate social responsibility, workforce development, holistic sustainability, and environmental economics.

If you want someone in the Google Sustainability office who has started two businesses, sang in a world-class a cappella group, loves kids, and can dunk a basketball, let’s talk. You’d also get to know a man who’s ready to help Google take the lead on sustainability and communicate its vision to the world.


Adrian Dahlin

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