Lessons from “The Lean Startup”

For Christmas my sister gave me Eric RiesThe Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneur’s Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses. It was a timely gift, because I started a business in September 2011 and began to learn about Lean Startup theory during the fall at networking events in Boston. This week I dove into the book, and lo and behold, it is a gold mine. Ries’ first 30 pages – rife with succinct advice and relevant case studies – have already provided new inspiration and validated aspects of my business strategy. The rest of this blog will chronicle lessons I learn from The Lean Startup as I venture through its pages. Follow me on Twitter @RedTuftedGiant to get updates about each new lesson learned, and check back in on this blog often.

Lesson #1: A strong brand image just needs to be recognizable, not necessarily relevant. I recognized the Lean Startup the second I removed the paper my sister had wrapped around it. I had never seen the book in person before, but I had seen it online once or twice. Its cover conveys nothing related to business, entrepreneurship or innovation. It has simply a blue jacket with the title, author’s name and a large, white, circular paintbrush stroke. That’s all it takes. As soon as you’ve seen this book cover once, you’ll recognize it forever.

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Strategic Growth Consultant

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