The Value of Imperfect Writing

Everyone says you need to blog regularly to get any kind of following. Business websites with blogs get somewhere between 50 and 90% more traffic when they publish a blog regularly (hosted at their own domain). As an emerging entrepreneur in the web-based business world, I can ignore this data no longer. I need to practice in my own life what I’m telling my marketing team to practice in my business.

I’ve had a hard time letting myself publish anything that hadn’t been written, edited and rewritten several times. I feel as though I can’t let myself put anything out on the web that hasn’t been thought through 100%. I labor on and leave many drafts unpublished for the sake of stringent thoughtfulness. The name of my blog is “Perspicacity”, after all. Webster defines this as “acuteness of mental vision”. If I do ever engage in truly perspicacious thinking or writing, it surely doesn’t occur regularly. Thus, if I begin blogging weekly or even more often, I must abandon the expectation that I might live up to my own name. I think that’s okay, however. Perspicacity – like all other such lofty concepts – is a goal, and writing more will, if anything, help me move closer to that goal. Hopefully the increased readers I’ll apparently get will help with that goal as well, by commenting on my writing.

So what’s the value of imperfect writing? It’s the only kind of writing there is, so I might as well get on with it.

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